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Series Pack Includes these 4 albums

No Looking Back Series Pack

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Series 2 Series Pack Includes these 4 albums
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Here's What the Kids are Saying...


Jonathan Park Review - Kaleb and Makayla Our kids LOVE their Jonathan Park CDs so much that they wanted to hold more than 1 CD. They love that they can get to know the characters better since the voices are fun and easy to follow. The stories are engaging and totally entertaining while educational. We, as parents, love that we are learning more and more how to defend the Bible through science. The kids want all the Jonathan Park series!

Ella and Isaiah

Jonathan Park Review - Valente The kids just absolutely love Jonathan Park! The stories are so exciting and help build their faith in the creation world view...the kids just can't get enough of Jonathan Park!

Valente Boys

Jonathan Park Review - Anu My 7 year old, science and fact enthusiast absolutely loves the series. He enjoys the mystery, scientific facts and hearing about evidence on creationism. He's really learned a lot like the Fibonacci sequence! We can't rave about this series enough. Looking forward to buying the next series.

Anu, Age 10

Jonathan Park Review - George family Josiah and Isaiah listen to the same disc so many times I have to say, "Boys! Choose a NEW disc, please!" We love the fast-paced action, the scientific details, and the biblical worldview provided in each adventure. THANK YOU for producing something that is fun, educational, and biblical!

Eastman Family

Jonathan Park Review - Michael My kids love Jonathan Parks! Every time we get in the car, it's the first thing they ask us to put on! They love that each episode is an adventure and just good old fun and excitement! Thank you so much for making these!

Mildner Family

Jonathan Park Review - Trevor I like Jonathon Park because, in the midst of all the adventures, they bring in God's wonderful design. The stories are full of excitement. I can't wait to get more!

Trevor, Age 11