Sound the Alarm

After a long time traveling the world, Jonathan and the Team are ready to come home and finally relax. But what’s going on? The little town of Abiquiu is boarded up in fear! There’s unrest in nearby Albuquerque! The protests are blamed on racial tension, but the team is convinced there’s something much bigger going on behind the scenes! Inspired by the Founders of America, Jonathan steps forward to fight the good fight!

Science Topics
  • The history of prohibition of the Ten Commandments
  • State constitutions
  • Washington's letter to his troops
  • Franklin's speech before the Continental Congress
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • The importance of faith to please God (Hebrews 11:6)
  • Speak the Truth with love (Ephesians 4:15)
  • Unity in Jesus breaks down all barriers (Galatians 3:28)

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Sound the Alarm

4-CD Series Pack

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How can you prepare your family to stand strong as our modern culture attacks biblical values?

In just one year, the government outlawed all school-led prayer (1962) and banned school-sponsored Bible reading (1963). 17 years later, the public display of the Ten Commandments in schools was prohibited. The attacks are now accelerating against the values our country was founded upon. As Jonathan Park discovers, we don’t need to wring our hands in despair, we need to join our hands in prayer. 2 Chronicles 7:14 provides an answer. If we will humble ourselves and pray, God can heal our land.

This series takes you on a cross-country tour to discover the importance and power of prayer and repentance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Adria Holden
Not for young kids

We own all the JP CD’s. My kids listen to them over and over and over. Of course our favorites are the first 15. This next few where so so but this one was DEFINITELY not appropriate for my younger kids (under 13). I believe it was a good topic for my teens but not for the others.

Charles Mathews

it was well written and appropriate. a bit hard for our 9 and 7 year old to grab but ultimately provided space for good conversation and, they will have a better idea of it when we hit it a second time

Mishelle Pagels

We love listening! My son is 18 and really enjoys the cds! Thank you! Great Christmas or Easter gift 😊

I liked it, but here are geared toward older kids

I liked these ad adults or for middle school and above. My younger kids, 6-8, weren’t a huge fan. It scared them a little with the riots and protests. 12 and up die to the nature of more older theme. Well done for older kids! Rooted in scripture and timely with what is current today!


Sound the Alarm is beyond excellent! Wish we could give it 10 stars. We have purchased all 20 CDs in the series and listen to them over and over. We never get tired of them and continue to learn from them. Every child needs these! You will not be disappointed.