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Series Pack Includes these 4 albums

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Series 2 Series Pack Includes these 4 albums
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Here's What the Kids are Saying...


Jonathan Park Review - Kaleb and Makayla We like the mysteries and learning about God and science at the same time. These are great for long car rides and something the whole family can enjoy!

Kaleb and Makayla- Age 7 & 5

Jonathan Park Review - Cade When I listen to Jonathan Park I'm so excited to hear what's going to happen next. It's so awesome how Jonathan Park talks about God and science. When I grow up want to be a scientist because of Jonathan Parks audio.

Savannah - Age 7

Jonathan Park Review - Rebecca I enjoy the Jonathan Park series because they include science facts about the creation story in the Bible. If a child has any creation questions, Jonathan Park answers them in the form of a story, which is really fun for kids!

Rebecca - Age 10

Jonathan Park Review - George family All four of my kids LOVE the Jonathan Park series! They voted in their favorite story so far, and the winner was, "Mystery at Dead Man's Curve." I love that they're learning Biblical truths, scripture, and defense of young Earth creationism. Thank you for a fun series that also helps our whole family grow in Faith and Wisdom!

George Family

Jonathan Park Review - Michael I enjoy it because of the many fun exciting adventures they have and that they share about Bible truths.

Michael - Age 9

Jonathan Park Review - Cirillo family We love Jonathan Park because it is exciting and fun to listen to. We also learned about how intricate the design's of God's creation really is, which proves that the world was created by an intelligent being,(God) instead of by evolution. It was the coolest thing to listen to on long car trips this summer!

Cirillo Family