About us

About Us

What We Do

Give Kids the Evidence they Need to Back up Their Faith! 

How We Do It

Create and distribute original-content, high-definition audio adventures that entertain, educate, and build the faith of Christian families!

Christian Parents Want Their Children to Know Their Creator

As Christians, we want our kids to be able to defend their own personal faith and not just recite our beliefs when questioned by friends, classmates, or teachers.

It's challenging to teach our children about their Creator and His Creation while keeping their attention and helping them commit His truth to memory. That's why the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures have been uniquely created to help you educate and build the faith of your young listeners through engaging entertainment like nothing you have ever experienced before!  


What We Believe

Biblical Stances:

1. God – in three persons – is the Creator of all things.

2. God created the entire universe “ex-nihilo” (out of nothing) in 6 literal days.

3. That the plain reading of Genesis constitutes a historically and factually accurate account of creation.

4. We oppose evolutionary theory which portrays man as a product of meaningless random chance accidents. Humans were made in God’s image, which separates us from the animals.

5. Man’s rebellion against God has resulted in a sin-cursed world which leads to death, pain, and suffering – and eternal separation from the Creator.

6. Jesus Christ died on the cross to restore mankind back to fellowship with the Father. Only Christ’s work on the cross can redeem man from the curse of sin pronounced by God. According to Romans, the penalty for sin is death. Whoever accepts Christ’s gift of redemption will receive salvation from eternal spiritual death (hell).

7. The Bible is the inspired, inerrant, Word of God.

8. The Bible is accurate in all its historical and scientific references.

Scientific Stances:

1. The eternal God created the entire universe out of nothing.

2. God created the original “kinds” of animals separate and fully formed. While there is great scientific evidence of variation and adaptation, there is no scientific evidence of evolution from one kind of animal into another.

3. Humans were created fully formed, with a fully developed intelligence and spiritual capacity. They did not evolve from “lower” ancestors”.

4. Scientific evidence (geological and physical processes) shows the earth to be much younger than the long ages required by the theory of evolution.

5. God created an orderly universe which follows the known laws of science. The Creator has (as evidenced through history) the ability to temporarily suspend the laws of nature to perform miracles consistent with His nature.

6. The curse of man’s rebellion can be seen in science as evidenced by the deleterious (negative) effects of the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

7. Noah’s Flood was global in nature – covering every mountain up to 15 cubits. This cataclysmic flood has left evidence around the globe in geologic formations, fossil record, and other physical indicators.

8. God’s Word and nature have the same author. Ultimately nature and the Bible are in complete harmony. Any apparent conflicts between the two are the result of man’s finite understanding. True scientific inquiry will filter man’s observations through the Bible. We do not use man’s fallible theories to interpret the infallible Word of God.