Q. What ages are the adventures designed for?

The adventures were produced for kids ages 7 - 13, but are often enjoyed by the entire family.

Q. Could you explain how the new JP products have been repackaged?

We now have two product “groupings” for Jonathan Park:

  1.  “ALBUMS” – 3 Episodes: Our new albums are 3 episodes that are all contained on 1 CD. (Our long-time customers will recall that our old albums were 12 episodes and contained 4 CDs). Each 3-episode album has a new Marvel-comic style illustrated cover and is packaged in a 1-CD “DigiPak” – a more modern, streamlined book-style pack.
  2. . “SERIES PACKS” – 12 Episodes; 4 DigiPak Albums: Since each 3-episode album is now packaged in its own 1-CD DigiPak, the new Series Packs now consist of (4) 1-CD DigiPaks.

Q. Are there any benefits to purchasing the Series Packs (instead of buying the albums separately)?

YES! Each Series Pack comes with all 4 albums of the series at an excellent discount!

Q. I see that you are currently offering Series Packs 1-7 (formerly Albums 1-7) under the “Creation Collection”. Could you explain this? . . . and will there be other “Collections”?

As we were repackaging Jonathan Park, we went back and carefully re-reviewed all of our audio adventures. During this project, we recognized that after the first 7 Series, the following two “Series” (formerly Albums 8 & 9) focused more on Biblical Archeology than Creation Science. This gave rise to the idea of creating two “Collections” – a Creation Collection and an Archaeo Collection. So we are now offering products under these two groups:

Creation Collection – 7 Series Packs (or 28 Albums) – Available Now!
Archaeo Collection – 7 Series Packs (or 28 Albums) – Coming Soon!

Q. What happened to (what were formerly) Albums 8 and 9?

What were formerly Albums 8 & 9 will now be rereleased as Series Packs 1 & 2 under the new Archaeo Collection in the next couple of months. The remaining five Archaeo Collection Series Packs are slated for production over the next couple of years.

Q. What happened to (what was formerly) Album 10 (The Journey Home)?

Album 10 is now called The Creation Museum Adventure. This Bonus Series of the Creation Collection is a “standalone” story and does not follow in the sequence of the Jonathan Park Adventures. This Series is only available as a download.

Q. Why did you change the Albums from 12 episodes to 3 episodes?

In the past, it took about 18 months to produce an album. In other words, on average, Jonathan Park albums have been released every 1 ½ years (10 albums over approximately 15 years). Not only was there far too much time elapsing between new albums being released, we continuously lost money and it created significant cash flow challenges. In an effort to offer albums to customers more frequently, we decided to restructure, redesign and begin releasing 3-episode albums (approx. 1½ hours each). We received very positive preliminary feedback on this new packaging and pricing prior to their release. The collective feedback validated that $14.99 is a good value and reasonable price point, particularly considering the tremendous costs associated with producing rich, high quality adventures that offer faith-building, education and entertainment.

Q: Why have the prices increased?

Many are unaware that until 2014, Jonathan Park audio adventures were always “housed” under a 501(c)3 non-profit ministry and essentially subsidized by donations and sales from hundreds of other products. When we recently acquired Jonathan Park, it was (and still is) the only product line being sold through our new company. It didn’t take long to discover that the old JP business model was not sustainable on its own merit, much less scalable. It was clear that there were only two ways for us to keep Jonathan Park alive and reach and impact thousands more families than ever before. We could either aggressively appeal for donations (just to barely stay in business and not grow the ministry) or make radical changes to the business model. We chose the latter.
After considerable prayer and deliberation, our Board determined that it was time to leave the non-profit world, restructure, become self-sustaining, and no longer compete with other ministries for non-profit contributions just to stay afloat. If you would like to know more about why we restructured, you can go to http://jonathanpark.com/why-jonathan-park-has-been-restructured/. We are thankful for many of you who have reached out to us with encouragement, prayers and support of this difficult, but necessary decision.

Q: How can we help?

There are two ways you can help as we introduce Jonathan Park to the larger Christian market.

  1. Pray for open doors, God’s favor and receptive hearts as we present these faith-building adventures to new families around the world.
  2. Tell your family and friends about Jonathan Park.