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The adventures follow the Park and Brenan families as they travel the world searching for evidence for the Biblical account of history! Although these stories are fictitious, each action-packed adventure is based on real places, events, or discoveries! 

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Here's what the Kids are Saying..

Jonathan Park Review - Lesily Our family LOVES Jonathan Park! We have all enjoyed listening to the adventures and learning about many things from a Christian perspective - both the parents and the kids! These discs are what my boys listen to each night as they go to sleep, and we also enjoy listening to them in the car. Jonathan Park is ALWAYS at the top of our list both as gifts to give and to receive! Thank you for creating such a fun and entertaining way to learn TRUTH!.

Ian, Age 7

Jonathan Park Review - ToddI love the Jonathan Park CDs because they are fun and adventurous! They are great to help me learn about science from a biblical perspective.

Jordan, Age 10

Jonathan Park Review - Aubrey I really love the mysteries! My imagination goes wild when I listen to the stories at night before I go to bed. I feel like I'm right there with them!

Aubrey, Age 10

Jonathan Park Review - CJ I recently ordered the Adventure Begins series for my son CJ and he absolutely loves it. He listens to it day and night, and says that it has helped him learn about scientific evidence for creation. He has also grown in his understanding of God because of the strong dependence on Him throughout the story lines.

CJ, Age 9

Jonathan Park Review - Walker We own every cd! The episodes are exciting. They use different voices. There are explosions, cars screeching, and people screaming. It's faith-building and godly. You start to understand the error of evolution and how the Bible fits with history. I can't wait for the next one!!!

Walker, Age 12

Jonathan Park Review - Cruf FamilyMy daughters fell in love with the storylines, were enthralled by the sound effects and acting quality, and have eagerly participated in family discussions regarding the truth of creation. This series has been, not only the entertaining road-trip-diversion I was hoping for, but so much more…It is helping to make the abstract creation story a concrete, trustworthy piece of human history in the minds and hearts of my children.

Cruf Family

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