Audio Adventures?

Audio adventures are fast-paced stories with

Unforgettable Characters, Powerful Music, and Captivating Sound Effects

all coming together to build vivid pictures in your imagination!

We believe audio adventures are the most powerful form of storytelling because they transport the listener into the stories and awaken their imagination! Unlike video, kids can actually participate in the adventures because they picture the stories in their minds! There is nothing on earth more powerful than the imagination and audio adventures unlock and actively engage your kids to think and create!

What are the Advantages of Audio Adventures?

  • Audio adventures are a more powerful and effective alternative to video for pure Entertainment because listeners continually create stories in their limitless imaginations.
  • Audio adventures are a more robust way to bolster your children's Education because science shows that they activate the critical thinking side of the brain.
  • Audio adventures spark Creativity in your children's minds, unlike video which puts the brain on "cruise control".
  • Audio adventures are Inspirational because your children can create their own custom movies in their minds.
  • Audio adventures offer more Lasting Value than video. Since they're not limited by someone else's imagination, your kids will want to listen to them over and over - each time offers something fresh and new!
  • Audio adventures are so Convenient – your family can listen to them in the car, while doing chores, enjoying fun activities, or when your kids are settling down for the night (a great alternative to TV).

Is it like an Audio Book?

NO... it's nothing like an audio book. Audio books are narrated books.

Jonathan Park Audio Adventures are all-original stories created with actors, composers, engineers, and writers, just like a movie! That's why we say, the Jonathan Park Audio Adventures are like "Movies For Your Ears"!

Here's What the Press is Saying about Audio Adventures...

"Listening to an [audio adventure] is like watching a movie, listening to music and reading a book all at once."
"You have become attached to the characters, caught up in the story, enthralled by the writing."
"Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media because you are constantly building your own images of the story in your mind and you're creating your own production," Rodero says, "and that of course, is something that you can never get with visual media." ...dramatized audio structure, using voice actors who tell the story exclusively through dialogue, stimulate listeners' imagination..."
"This is ... audio theater and drama taken to a new level.. uses sound effects, music and a full cast to bring the superhero story to life."

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