Evolution Delusion

When a group of evolutionists challenge the team to prove the existence of God through the intelligent design of animals and humans, it’s a gauntlet that, of course, they must pick up. So, the group — joined by Kendall and Jonathan’s lifelong physician — heads back to the Amazon rainforest The team quickly grows suspicious that their challengers — Sam, Susan, and Peck — have ulterior motives for inviting them into such a beautiful but dangerous biome When Sam’s young son, Davy, appears, our intrepid adventurers realize that the stakes just went up: The boy’s rambunctiousness not only brings danger, but a costly mistake becomes too awful to contemplate!

Science Topics
  • The fascinating biodeversity of the Amazon rainforest
  • God’s magnificent design of the woodpecker
  • The breathtaking canopy of the Amazon
  • Genus and environmental categorization of animals
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • Understanding the second greatest commandment (Matthew 22:36-40)
  • God amazing love to save sinners (Romans 5:8)
  • Be strong and courageous in the Lord (Joshua 1:9)

Evolution Delusion

4-CD Series Pack

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Features Include
  • Includes all 4 CDs of the Series
  • Compatiable with All CD Players
  • Studio Quality Sound
Wise King Media Audio · Jonathan Park, Series 22: Evolusion Delusion - Audio Sample

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This was the coolest.
The albums from first to last have just kept getting better.
I have loved learning all these new things I didn't know about the Amazon! Definitely please make more!
And the music was great! Sooo thrilling!! That's something that has been an excellent change with the new ones. the introductory music is so full of. suspense.Love it! You're doing great! Always here to encourage.

Robert Sweeney

This series has been a very good one. Both in adventure and information.
I often wonder how all these " intelligent " folks keep getting into so many troublesome situations. Especially folks who are obviously out to get them. Overall it's a good series.

Joseph Janes

Great audio! Only thing is sometimes it's hard to hear ( even if I put my face close to the player ) some of the characters talk at certain points. Otherwise love the content guys and keep up the good work!

Alice Todd
Better than the last two or three releases.

There continues to be excessive “sound overlay” in his production, as well. There is some improvement, however, in that it is a little easier to decipher what was being said, compared to the last several ones. Still not as good as the productions at the beginning of the Jonathon Park Series CD’s. On a more positive note, the content explained some things I didn’t know about the Amazon. I always love learning new facts.

Connie Russell

Wrong series sent, #21 Back to Garden wanted,