The Whispering Sphinx Series Pack


Includes All 4 Thrilling Albums of the 9th Audio Adventure!

Egypt is in political turmoil. On the verge of presidential elections, a mysterious tablet is found with a prophecy about the coming leader and his lineage to Pharaoh Ramses II That’s when the statue of the Great Sphinx begins to mysteriously “speak,” confirming the message of the tablet Meanwhile, the Creation Response Team has learned that the research of Egyptian Chronologist will shake the foundations of modern archaeology Join Jonathan Park and the CRT as they race to the aid of a nation, and unlock the mysteries of Egypt’s past and present

Science Topics
  • Egyptian Chronology
  • Old, Middle, New Kingdoms
  • Pharaoh's, Tombs, and Pyramids
  • The Ten Plagues  
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • God is our Refuge
  • Infallibility of Scripture
  • Repentance
  • Power of Prayer

The Whispering Sphinx Series Pack

4-Disc Series Pack ISBN: 9781944892432


$ 59.99

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  • Includes All 4 Albums of the Series
  • Over 5 Hours of Audio Adventure
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The Whispering Sphinx Series Pack - Digital Download

The Whispering Sphinx Series Pack

Digital Download


$ 59.99

  • Save over 40% when purchased as a pack
  • Includes Digital File with All 4 Albums of the Series
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Customer Reviews

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My Children Continue to love this!

Every time my boys (ages 9 and 11 now) receive a Jonathon Parks Album for birthdays or Christmas, they will often listen for hours at a time while going to bed or when they wake up. I have had a teacher at their Christian school tell me he is very impressed with how well my oldest son can defend the faith. I know that Jonathon Parks is a big part of how he has learned so much evidence for Creation and his faith. My boys continue to listen and relisten to these albums over and over throughout the year!

Great series!

Bought for my daughter’s children to listen to as they drive their long commute to and from school each morning. (Daughter teaches at the school, too!) They all love this series so much, they don’t want to get out of the car!

Awesome Audio Adventures!

Jonathan Park audios are so well made! I’ve learned so much and they are so good for the whole family. Every adventure is filled with a great story, it deepens your knowledge in Christ, and shows you how to defend what you believe in as a Christian. You fall in love with each character and every episode pulls you in, making you eager to listen to the next one. The CD player is on 24/7 at our home, and when you walk into the room you immediately want to sit down and finish listening to the adventure, whether you have listened to it a thousand times before or not. I highly suggest Jonathan Park and I guarantee you’ll love them just as much as I do. Jonathan Park is awesome!

Great for the whole family

My kids love the JP dramas. The stories are so well told with such good sound affects, you feel like you’re there. My kids listen to them every chance they get. 

Wonderful Story

Another hit with our Family!! Thank you so much