The Explorer's Society Series Pack


Includes All 4 Thrilling Albums of the 5th Adventure!

The Creation Response Team has been challenged to a “Battle of the Worldviews” on national TV. Their competition is the Explorer’s Society – a group of evolutionary scientists who have become famous for their cutting-edge scientific discoveries Join these two teams as they contend against one another at Niagara Falls, the Canadian wilderness, Mount St Helens, the freezing Artic of Ellesmere Island, the depths of the sea, and a German dinosaur graveyard – in the exciting adventure series: Jonathan Park and the Explorers’ Society!

Science Topics
  • Uniformitarianism
  • Rapid Volcanic Formations
  • Origin of Life Theories
  • Designed Adaptation
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • God's Provision - Psalm 37:4
  • Encouraging Others - Heb. 3:13
  • Evidence of God Everywhere - Rom. 1:20
  • Dominion Mandate - Genesis 1:28

The Explorer's Society Series Pack

4-Disc Series Pack ISBN: 1944892395


$ 59.99

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  • Includes All 4 Albums of the Series
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The Explorer's Society Series Pack - Digital Download

The Explorer's Society Series Pack

Digital Download


$ 59.99

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  • Includes Digital File with All 4 Albums of the Series
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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Great Series, but not as exciting as Series 4

This series is awesome, and its really cool how the CRT competes against another team in an exciting contest. It is filled with great adventures and nice scientific evidence. However, the problem with this series is that it simply is not scary enough. I mean, Myles Morgan never actually confronts the CRT, he works through his friend Devin Williams. Other than that, there are not many other "bad guys." Probably the disappointment is due to the preceding Hunt For Beowulf, which is extremely exciting. However, I definitely recommend this series, and it definitely should be purchased.

Arrived on time as promised!

I was skeptical that my package would arrive in less than a week the week before Christmas, so I made a gift card to give in case it didn't arrive. However, it arrived @ 7:30 AM on the 24th, over 12 hours before the promised delivery time. I was very happy! This gift was for my Grands, so I have not listened to them & I can not review the content of the audio books.

Seasons 3,4,5 Original

Grandsons favorite gift. Gave them Seasons 1& 2 last year.

Good product, but real problems copying to my son's device

I bought these as CD's so we can listen in the car. However, my son also wants to listen on his tablet so I ripped them and copied them over. Unfortunately, the media information database is not properly set up so now he has a lot of the tracks listed with incorrect track names and even the disc names. I am spending quite a lot of time doing something for him that should have been extremely simple. It probably would have been easier to do this the other way: purchase the MP3 files and then burn them to disc for listening in the car.


I’m still waiting on my order. Do you have any idea when it should arrive?