Journey to Novarupta

This new audio adventure by the creators of Jonathan Park is based on the real life research expeditions conducted by Dr. Shormann as he and his team searched for evidence of a global flood.

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Jeremiah Benjamin
NOT part of the Jonathan Park series, but Excellent if you enjoy science & history!

If you or your kids are into science and history, this is quite a story. It is NOT part of the Jonathan Park series and does NOT have any of the characters (though some voice actors from JP are in it). That is not a bad thing: I think if they had worked the JP characters into the story, it would've taken too much away from the "based on a true story" aspect. It's true that this is not as "fun" or entertaining as the JP stories, but for older kids and adults, it's pretty exciting knowing you're listening to a retelling of a TRUE story (actually, multiple true stories). I enjoy fiction, but I also appreciate the JP team for taking time to bring us this story, loaded with facts you won't read in a school text book or hear on the news, and as they say, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. I'd never heard of Novarupta, but since hearing this story, it's become a good discussion starter when I'm talking to someone with a scientific mind who's persuaded that evolution provides all the answers.

Jonah Khan
Love it!!!!!

Awesome! I love all the science.

Stephanie black
not as good as the cd series

my boys were not impressed that Jonathan Park was in there.

Kate Lepori
I need this in CD form please!!!!

Please keep everything on cd!

Stacey Carroll
Jonathan Park cds

We absolutely love these cds.. My daughter loves Science and History so much. Because of you, she desires to be a Paleontologist. This is such a great addition to Homeschool. Please continue to put out these Beautiful CD’s. I love listening on the road with my child so much. Thank you and God bless and guide your adventures as bring them to life for your fans.