Master Collection

64 Albums / 16 Series / 192 Episodes / Over 76 Hours

Just $18.74 Per Series Pack

Join Jonathan Park and his family and friends as they traverse the globe searching for evidence for a Creator and His fingerprints on Creation!

Now available! The Jonathan Park Master Collection including every series in the Jonathan Park Universe - includes the brand new series, Series 16: Legend Unleashed! This special collection includes all available series packs - comprised of 64 single-CDs!

Series Packs Included:   

Series 1: The Adventure Begins
Series 2: No Looking Back
Series 3: The Winds of Change
Series 4: The Hunt for Beowulf
Series 5: The Explorer’s Society
Series 6: The Journey Never Taken
Series 7: The Voyage Beyond
Series 8: The Copper Scroll
Series 9: The Whispering Sphinx
Series 10: The Dreamer's Tomb
Series 11: Call of the Exodus
Series 12: Pursuit of Destiny
Series 13: Light in the Shadows
Series 14: The Greatest Power
Series 15: The Defining Moment
Series 16: Legend Unleashed (Brand New! Just Released!)



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Master Collection

These CD's are very well done! I have six children ranging in age from 4-9. They are a little over the heads of the younger children but my children who are older (6-9) cannot get enough of these stories. We have had to tell them they could only listen to two stories a day!

Amazing Find

So grateful we found this amazing audio series. The kids beg me to listen on every single car drive. Best of all, it is strengthening the faith of the whole family and helping us share our faith with others! Thanks team for an amazing series!


Master Collection


Why I don’t give it a five star, because I had to pay for shipping, plus I had to pay at the post office to take it out,


Excellent work! Love the true historical places and information woven in and that after the story it is explained which portions are fictional and non-fiction. My kids them!!