Master Collection

56 Albums / 14 Series / 168 Episodes / Over 68 Hours

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Join Jonathan Park and his family and friends as they traverse the globe searching for evidence for a Creator and His fingerprints on Creation!

Now available! The Jonathan Park Master Collection including every series in the Jonathan Park Universe - includes the brand new series, The Greatest Power This special collection includes all available series packs - comprised of 56 single-CDs!

Series Packs Included:   

Series 1: The Adventure Begins
Series 2: No Looking Back
Series 3: The Winds of Change
Series 4: The Hunt for Beowulf
Series 5: The Explorer’s Society
Series 6: The Journey Never Taken
Series 7: The Voyage Beyond
Series 8: The Copper Scroll
Series 9: The Whispering Sphinx
Series 10: The Dreamer's Tomb
Series 11: Call of the Exodus
Series 12: Pursuit of Destiny
Series 13: Light in the Shadows (Now Included!)
Series 14: The Greatest Power (Brand New! Just Released!)


Customer Reviews

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Series 1-12

We love them all. Even my 16 year old son loves them. He didn’t want to listen to them at first, but then got mad when I turned it off. It’s a favorite with the whole family!

Loving it so far

We have listened to the first three stories and love them! The children can’t get enough of the adventure and I am loving the gospel message!


My great grands are loving these and learning the truth about the world our great God created for us to enjoy!


I always loved the original Jonathan Park audio dramas, but the new episodes even better! If you want adventure that the whole family will enjoy (especially the parents), and you want to learn more about the scientific, archaeological and logical affirmations for the accuracy and authority of the Bible you have to get this new master set!!! We love it!! This will turn any family vacation drive into the highlight of the trip. We get into the driveway and the kids don't want to get out of the car (and neither do I) because the stories are so captivating. Could not be more pleased!!

Preview of the Whole Series

This is a great series, so far. I've made it through the first two 4-CD series. It is interesting, engaging, causes the imagination to make up the visuals of the scene as it goes. I particularly appreciate the scientific explanations demonstrating that the Creation story makes more sense than the conjured-up theories of a big bang where nothing became something, evolution that took the random something and turned it into the complex animals and beings that we have on Earth. But, most important is that this series gives learners at all ages (beyond about 8 years old, would be my best estimate of the lower age limit that would get something educational out of this) information with which we can defend our faith instead of just tolerate getting laughed at when we tell them that the Bible describes a young universe, created by God in six literal days (and the evening that the morning were the first day).