Let Your Kids' Imaginations Run Wild this Summer without Breaking a Sweat!

June 30, 2016

Let Your Kids' Imaginations Run Wild this Summer without Breaking a Sweat!

Kids love a sense of adventure. They’re wired to run around, play, and experience God’s creation, particularly during the summer months. In most parts of the country, however, an occasional break from the intense afternoon heat is sorely needed.

Most Moms and Dads are all too familiar with the seasonal moans and groans stemming from excessive heat and extra spare time. “I’m bored!” … It’s too hot outside!” … “There’s nothing to do!” Coming up with creative, wholesome family activities (for energetic children turned sluggish) can be challenging for Christian parents, especially during the summer doldrums when beating the heat is a grueling daily encounter. 

So how do you keep the adventure alive when your children retreat from the heat and just want to cool off and veg out in the house for a couple hours? Books, games and puzzles are great, but most kids appreciate something a little more engaging than the quiet, background hum of the home air conditioner. An occasional video is fine, but studies show that excessive screen time actually numbs the brain as videos leave nothing to the imagination.

More and more families are rediscovering the powerful effects and benefits of listening to full-production audio adventures – a captivating form of entertainment that unlocks kids’ imaginations and stimulates their creativity. Whether your children are outdoors or in the house, audio adventures are the perfect companion for kids and families during a long summer.  

Ready to peek in and get a glimpse of what a more extensive summer adventure might look like for your kids? Imagine your children coming in from a long bike ride and jumping right into a narrow escape from villains. Ok, now picture them coming in from playing in the sandbox and joining up with a team of archeologists on a dinosaur dig where a T-rex fossil is unearthed.  Now envision your kids coming in from a summer rain and suddenly making an emergency helicopter landing in the path of a hurricane.  . . . Or from a nature hike to an exciting journey through the Yucatan Peninsula jungles.  . . .Or from rock hunting to discovering a buried treasure.  . . . Or from chasing the dog to outrunning a cackle of hyenas on an African safari.  . . .Or from a long swim to a thrilling submarine ride along the bottom of the ocean floor.

Your kids most likely appreciate the break from formal curriculum and the more regimented school year, but summer doesn’t have to be limited to just physical activities. Your children can have loads of fun and continue exercising their brains too!  And the good news is that today’s full-production, faith-building audio adventures can be taken anywhere, anytime – indoors or outdoors. No screen required.

Audio adventures are a perfect summer remedy for restless kids – Mom gets a well-deserved break and the kids have so much fun they don’t even know they’re learning.

Over 100,000 Christian moms have discovered why Jonathan Park faith-building audio adventures are such a powerful, life changing form of fun entertainment for their kids. If you’re new to Jonathan Park, click here to listen to the trailer!  


Warning: Studies show that listening to Jonathan Park Audio Adventures can be habit forming.

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