10 Activities for a Christ-Centered Summer

May 24, 2018

10 Activities for a Christ-Centered Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and it is the time of year when many families take a break from school work, to focus on fun. There is so much to enjoy during this season of warmer, longer days. However, if we let it, summer can turn into a time of rushing from one thing to the next, without a lot of room left to focus on the One who matters most.

This list gives you 10 different ways that you can keep Christ at the center of your child’s life this summer. It is our hope that your summer will be filled with lasting memories, quality family time, and growth in your relationship with the Lord!


Listen to the Jonathan Park Audio Adventure Series

The Jonathan Park Audio Adventures are the perfect Christ-centered activity for those days it is just too hot to be outside, long summer road trips, or when mom or dad just needs a break. The adventures will light up your child’s imagination without the use of screen time and strengthen their faith.  


Find a Vacation Bible School Session to Attend

 Churches all across the country will be holding VBS (Vacation Bible School weeks) this summer. Most churches don’t require you to be a member to attend and gladly welcome new families. This is a great way for your child to learn more about Jesus, make new friends, and have safe and structured fun.


Volunteer with Your Local Community Food Shelf

Food shelves are often thought about during the colder months, or holiday season, but they need just as much help and donations (if not more) during the summer. Those in need often rely on school lunch services for their children. When school breaks for the summer, their nutrition needs are greatly increased. Volunteering with your children at the food shelf or simply organizing a neighborhood donation drive is a great way to show your children the value of giving to others the way that Jesus did.


Plan an Unplugged Family Vacation or Stay-Cation

When we disconnect from our smart phones, and turn off the television, we make way for meaningful family time, without all the distractions. Plan to make your summer vacation “unplugged” and use that time instead to play board games, go for a hike, and spend time talking about the Bible. The best memories hardly ever involve an electronic device!


Invite a New Friend Over for Dinner

Summer is often a time of year when families may be relocating to a new city. If you find yourself with new neighbors during the summer months, don’t be afraid to show them Christ-like hospitality and invite them over for dinner. Whether they are believers or not, your kindness may be just the difference they need to make a positive impact during a big change in their family’s life.


Start a Kid’s Bible Journal

Bible journaling is not just for adults and taking advantage of the extra time you have with your children during the summer is a great time to help them start a Bible journal. Help them get started by jotting down their thoughts on whatever scripture you choose to read for the day. They can write out their thoughts or draw a picture. At the end of the summer go back and see how their depth of understanding grew from the first journal entry to the last.


Play Bible Jeopardy

Put all of your Bible knowledge to good (and entertaining) use by playing Bible Jeopardy with your kids. The game is set up similar to the popular TV game show, and you can control how difficult the questions are and what topics you’d like to cover. A search on Pinterest will provide many great examples!


Bible Science Object Lessons

When you need an indoor activity to escape from the heat or hide out from the summer storms, you can work on these fun and educational object lessons that pair learning about the Bible with science experiments that are sure to excite your children.


Spend as Much Time in Nature as Possible

Spending time soaking in God’s wondrous creation is an amazing way to grow close to Him. There are so many mental and physical benefits to spending time with your children outdoors, but the spiritual benefits are often overlooked. When we spend time in God’s creation we open the door to so many meaningful, faith-filled conversations with your children. We gain the opportunity to help them see, first hand, the perfect detail God has put into all of His creation.


Go to Church

This may seem like a simple suggestion, but many families often fall out of the routine of going to church each week once summer and all the busyness it brings comes around. Making a point to still attend church during the summer months sets a great example for our children, showing them that even when there is fun to be had, Jesus deserves our attention first. Many churches hold fun activities for families or even have outdoor services to change things up during the warmer months.





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