Why Jonathan Park has been Restructured

February 09, 2016 2 Comments

Why Jonathan Park has been Restructured

A few of our customers have had questions about our recent decision to restructure. While there is much that can be written about this subject, we have prepared a brief summary below.

First, it’s important to understand that every episode of Jonathan Park costs a lot of money to produce. These adventures just don’t happen on their own – the funding has to come from somewhere.

For most of it’s15-year history, JP relied heavily on donations as product sales simply weren’t sufficient to cover the growing costs of production, marketing and administration. This supplemental source of funding was only possible as long as JP was “housed” under a 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations where it is commonplace for donations to subsidize products that don’t generate sufficient revenues to be sustained on their own merit.

This all changed in 2013 after the last non-profit organization that owned Jonathan Park closed its doors.

Thankfully, by God’s providence, and through the prayers and support of many faithful friends, Jonathan Park was acquired in 2014 and given a new life.

At the very outset, we were resolute about no longer relying on persistent appeals for donations, so we chose not to form another 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Rather than placing the burden on our customers with continual pleas for contributions, we wanted Jonathan Park to stand on its own two feet. So for the first time, JP had to survive without outside assistance and this standalone product line essentially became the sole foundation for a small new company with a very big vision.

Shortly thereafter, following a very thorough analysis, it was determined that unless radical changes were made to the business model, Jonathan Park could no longer be sustained. While past business decisions were based on the assumption that JP would be subsidized by donations, future plans had to be filtered through the lens of self-sustainability.

Wise King Media aspires to provide entertaining, faith-building resources to more families than ever before. By faith, we have chosen to rely solely on the free market rather than soliciting our customers for money and competing against the overcrowded pool of donors that support non-profit ministries.

We are committed to carefully steward the resources that God has entrusted to us, and Lord willing, we will continue producing excellent faith-building products to the Christian community that glorify God for many years to come. (1 Corinthians 10:31).

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September 23, 2016

We began listening to the Jonathan Park adventures last year on our rides to and from school. Our whole family loves these audio CDs and we are on our fourth volume! We first learned of the audio dramas through the Answers in Genesis group, and are so thankful for the quality, Creation-based, God-honoring entertainment/education. Keep up the good work!


July 19, 2016

I want to let all of you know that Jonathan Park audio dramas have really helped me in my Christian walk. I’ve learned so much from it and now I feel more prepared to share my belief on Creation. Thank-you so much and God bless! ?

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