The Adventure Begins Series Pack

African Safari


The adventure continues as the Eagle’s Nest Gang witnesses a robbery at the Museum of Ancient Art. Now it's up to them to catch the thief Meanwhile, the Park family searches for artifacts that tell us about our past Will either of them succeed? Then later, Dr Kendall Park and Jim Brenan make a discovery of a lifetime – a dinosaur graveyard! However, it turns into a nightmare when the cliffs above the site collapse Will it cost Jonathan and Jessie their lives? On the other side of the world, the evil Dr Cassat has discovered a multi-million dollar mine in Africa But why has he asked the Park and Brenan families to come to Africa on a fossil dig? What danger lurks in the sub-Saharan wilderness?

Science Topics
  • Noah's Flood & The Ice Age
  • Man Created "Smart"
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Great Scientists Past & Present
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • Serving the Lord - 1. Cor. 15:58
  • Spiritual Pride - Prov. 16:18 
  • God is in Control - Phil. 4:6
  • Trust & Obey the Lord

African Safari

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  • Includes (3) 26-Minute Episodes on a Single CD
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African Safari

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Customer Reviews

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African Safari

My kids love listening to this in the car and keep asking for more!


jonathan park is my most favorite audio adventure ever! they have cool scientific evidence for creation.i've listened to every album and working my way through the mysterious statue. whenever i can listen to it unlimeted, i listen to it every night. jonathan park,RULE'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun to learn with JP

We love the adventure of Jonathan park cd's. They definitely are not boring. They are good at keeping kid's attention and it is fun to learn more about how creation is proven through evidence in our earth.


I have owned Album 1-7. But have listened to Albums 1-9 and the 1st part of Album 10. I am hoping for 11. and even up to 20 but that all depends of Gods doing. Keep up the Good work!
-Jonah G. 13yrs. Lacey, Washington.

Great for driving

I do not recall how God led me to this series. But I love them. I bought them for myself, as I have a long drive to/from work daily. But my family listens to them when I am driving us to football practice or home. Even my teenagers listen and learn. Thanks for creating a Christ-centered, God-honoring, disciple growing, educational, challenging, uplifting, entertaining series! May God continue to grow your ministry.