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The Creation Museum Adventure Series Pack

Surge of Sabotage


While a remnant of the CRT is fighting a fire that threatens Brenan Bluffs Dinosaur Graveyard, the Eagle’s Nest Gang discovers a new passage in Hidden Cave that leads Jonathan, Kendall, and Angela on an exciting underground scuba dive adventure. Later, Derek Dilts and his partners execute a plan that traps visitors inside Hidden Cave, leading to a night of terror Meanwhile, the Eagle’s Nest Gang gets caught after discovering a sinister plot to bring down Brenan Ranch Will they be able to escape in time to save the Ranch?

Science Topics
  • Siccar Point - Rapid Formation of Layers
  • Fossils and Noah's Flood
  • The Creation Trilemma
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • Pitfalls of Faulty Interpretation
  • Theistic Evolution
  • The Importance of a Literal Genesis Account

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Surge of Sabotage

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Customer Reviews

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This is one of the best of the 4 albums

Love the ORIGINAL Jonathan Park's!!!

I love this album, because it is so exciting! I really like having Myles Morgan back on the scene, (and in a good way, not trying to hurt the CRT every chance he gets, but that he is actually good, again, and is basically a new person). My siblings and I are slightly biased, and prefer the original adventures, and even though we don't really appreciate all the character changes, the new adventures are written well, and the acting is pretty good too.