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The Creation Museum Adventure Series Pack

The Narrow Escape


The adventure continues as the Park and Brenan Families return home, discovering that Brenan Ranch has begun to fall apart from lack of attention. Now the CRT must fight to save the very foundation of their ministry But an old enemy —Derek Dilts— has recruited a partner to thwart their efforts Then later, inattention to the museum and many mysterious problems lead to a drastic drop in attendance In an effort to draw visitors back, the CRT decides that they need to add some new attractions at Brenan Ranch Unfortunately, when Derek’s men sabotage a helicopter, Timmy Sherman’s life is hanging by a thread after a narrow escape from a dangerous crash

Science Topics
  • The Authenticity of Scripture
  • Gap Theory & Day Age Theory
  • Interpreting the Bible: Narrative vs. Poetic
  • Design of the Water Cycle
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • Danger of Compromising Worldview 
  • Sound Doctrine - Eph. 4:14-15
  • Dealing with Doubt
  • The Meaning of Death and Suffering

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The Narrow Escape

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Customer Reviews

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Love the ORIGINAL Jonathan Park's!!!

All my siblings and I love this volume of Jonathan Park (originally titled; The Journey Home). It is very exciting, interesting, and this volume (all 4 episodes/cases) is probably my personal favorite!! :-)