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The Creation Museum Adventure Series Pack

Isle of No Return


The Creation Response Team accepts a risky challenge to compete against an unknown team in an undisclosed location. But they soon discover their challengers to be none other than the Explorer’s Society! Will the CRT’s hasty decision to go on this mission lead them to victory or defeat, as they fight to stay alive on Snake Island? Later, when the Park and Brenan Families return home, they discover that Brenan Ranch has begun to fall apart from lack of attention Now the CRT must fight to save the very foundation of their ministry But an old enemy —Derek Dilts— recruits a partner to thwart their efforts

Science Topics
  • Genetic Variations and Adaptations
  • DNA & RNA
  • Epigenetics
  • Design of the Water Cycle
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • The Fall of Man
  • The Lord Directs Your Path - James 4:13-15
  • Following God's Will

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Isle of No Return

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Customer Reviews

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Jedaiah McCarthy
Creation Museum Adventure/The Journey Home

Awesome Story! One the best! What I wonder is why they used to call this story The Journey Home, volume 10 of the Jonathan Park Series, and then they pulled it out of the series and replaced it with a new number ten and renamed it. For a long time I thought that they had deleted it completely. I would really like some answers as to why this happened.

Lyla Gauthier
Yes, CD form, please!

Yes, CD form please, as we do not have devices to listen for online.

Kate Lepori
I need this in CD form please!!!!

Can we get these on cd?

JP-Fan ;-)
An amazing production!!!

I loved the fact that this series dealt with a pastor who starts off believing Genesis isn't that important and that "science" has proven the age of the earth. This is a great subject and so very important for us to understand and the explanations of Dr. Park are so enlightening! The storyline is altogether satisfying, too ;-D !! An amazing production!!! Thank you so much for doing this! You can't imagine what these stories mean to me (even though I'm 16 years old^^)!!!

adventure awaits

the creation museum adventure is my favorite album