Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo

A Creationist audio guide to 100 of the most popular animals at your local zoo!

Did you know that a polar bear can sniff out a seal under three feet of ice, ten football fields away? And how about the toucan: Can you explain how this bird uses its feather-like tongue to eat?

Join Jonathan Park and his father for a trip to the zoo as they explore these and other wonders of the animal kingdom. Featuring one hundred, two-minute segments, this creationist audio guide to a hundred zoo animals dispels common evolutionary myths and highlights some of the most fascinating attributes that God gave each creature He designed.

Filled with engaging animal noises and amazing scientific tidbits, Dr. Kendall Park and Jonathan take listeners on a zoo journey to remember. Perfect for car rides or family zoo excursions, this audio presentation is a great tool for training your children about the wonderful animals of our world. Every creature has a story which gives glory to God. Learn about the rhinoceros hornbill, the komodo dragon, and much, much more!