Digging Deeper

Jonathan, Jessie and her cousin, Isaac, wind up in Cairo by themselves! An opportunity of a lifetime awaits them as they team up with top archaeologists to search for evidence of Joseph and the Israelites’ descent into Egypt. Little did they know they would face such daunting challenges as someone is out to stop them! But who? And why? Without his father by his side, 16-year old Jonathan is tested like never before! Will he rise to be the leader his father trained him to be? And how will the team handle an unexpected adversary?

Science Topics
  • Arrival of Israelis in Egypt 
  • Egyptian vs. Biblical timeline
  • A City Buried Beneath a City
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • Give thanks in everything (1 Thessalonians 5:18)
  • The reliability of Scripture (2 Timothy 3:16) 
  • Using our gifts for God’s glory (1 Peter 4:10-11)

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Customer Reviews

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I'm not trying to be mean, but at the same time I'm trying to be honest. :-) Thanks!

New Adventures

We just finished listening to the new adventures, & while they are well written, they are NOT what we knew Jonathan Park to be. Jonathan Park used to be family oriented, with both the Park and Brennan families going on adventures TOGETHER. Now, it mostly includes only the oldest kids. Also, our friends & our family do not like the 'new' Jessie's personality at all. She seemed to be WAY more mature in the old adventures, than she is now (and she is supposed to be older, & a good role model), & way more giddy, hyper, food-oriented, & a bit of a wimp. In the old adventures, the character traits we liked about her was that she was very brave, & rather advanced for her years, & loved Jesus, & mentioned Him a lot. She was a more mature Christian than she is now. And was for the most part, calm, cool, & collected. but now she freaks out about a stupid rat!! Also, I know that not everybody would like this one, but in the old adventures she loved traveling around the world & learning new things, but ultimately she wanted to lead others to Christ, get married & be a mom. Even though she was exposed to many different world views, & ways of life, she had a goal, and wanted to make it a reality, & I admire her for that. I know that you guys probably wanted to make her more 'relatable', but now, she's a sissy. Not a fan of the new Jessie, or the fact that the families are not included all that much, but otherwise everything else in the new adventures was great!!


Our family loves these new adventures! Great to see Jonathan growing up and maturing into a leader and role model for the kids!

Fun and very exciting!

These are fun and even more exciting and intense than earlier episodes (in a good way). My kids can't wait to hear the next ones!

Better then EVER!!!

WOW! WOW! WOW! The origianl series was great but the new series is AMAZING!!! My whole family loves the new Jonathan Park adventures and how they deal with real-life situations.We love how Scriptures and faith lessons are woven into each episode. The acting is fantastic and the music is over-the-top! We are learning so much about archeology and all the new discoveries that point to Joseph and the Israelites being in Eygpt. We can't wait to hear the other albums in this series. Please keep them coming!!!