The Hunt for Beowulf Series Pack

The Distant Battleground


An artifacts thief known as the Jaguar has stolen the oldest English writing ever discovered — the Beowulf manuscript. Now it’s up to the Creation Response Team to get it back But the thief has concealed it in the ultimate hiding spot, where only those granted special permission by the Japanese government can go How will they stop the thief? Meanwhile, Myles Morgan, the team’s archenemy, is secretly planning to work against the CRT to swipe the manuscript for his own personal gain 

Science Topics
  • The Beowulf Manuscript 
  • Coexistence of Dinosaurs, Dragons, & Mankind
  • Volcanoes
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • God is All Powerful - Psalm 104: 32
  • Volcanoes in the Bible - Gen. 7:11
  • Respect for Elders - Deut. 32:7

The Distant Battleground

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The Distant Battleground

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gabe Vaughan

I have to say, I love Jonathan’s belaboring redundance with “That’s because they couldn’t understand it!”

Caleb Gerber
thumbs up

I love to learn of dinosaurs and dragons and how they might be the same
I also LOVE to learn about WWII especially through a fictional character like JP
I missed the other members of the team but the exitment covered that up
Please do another JP episode like this one
It is so inspiring

Phoebe H.

The Return To Iwo Jima is one of my favorite episodes! I like WWII a lot, and I enjoy hearing the accounts of the men who were actually there. Thank you, Jonathan Park, for all you do!

Nathan R.
They go to Iwo Jima

I love how they go to Iwo Jima and Mosinee! They incorporate everything into the scriptures.