Trials, Traps, and Treachery

After Z crashes, Jonathan and the team scramble to find any trace of evidence that could lead them to Stelle’s mom and dad. They quickly discover an unexpected clue that points them to the Creation account in Genesis! Stelle is confused…why would her agnostic parents leave Bible clues to guide them to their holding cell? And what could the story of Creation possibly have to do with their location?

Science Topics
  • Historical Christian Scholars
  • Scopes Trial
  • Christian roots
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • Forgiving others just as Christ has forgiven us (Matthew 4:32)
  • Perfect love casts out fear (John 4:18)
  • God created us in His image (Genesis 1:29)

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Trials, Traps, and Treachery

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Trials, Traps, and Treachery

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
daisy o'neill and sadie o'neill
the best!!!!!

i have listen to this album about 100 time's, but it is still my favorite one!!! i live the acton,and the danger! I also liked the part about the scope's monkey trial.I think my favorite part is when jp and stelle jump the bridge with the double decker bus! Ialso liked the part when they talked about evolution.

These new adventures are even better than the old ones

What I like about the new adventures, they get to get into a more mature area of situation especially when it comes to liking a girl, or making tough decisions, and yeah, other than that, they are SO ACTION PACKED I WISH THEY COULD ADD MORE ITS TOTALLY AWESOME