The Creation Museum Adventure Series Pack


In this exclusive alternate adventure, the CRT has been traveling around the world, sharing the message of Creation, when they find themselves suddenly being pulled into an adventure at an unexpected destination. their own home base in Abiquiú, New Mexico While refocusing their energy on the Brenan Museum of Creation, they discover a sinister plot to destroy it all! Meanwhile, after accepting Christ and willfully serving time in prison for his crimes, Myles Morgan is a new man and is working at the Museum! He joins the Creation Response Team as they encounter a seemingly endless series of catastrophes that threaten to close the Museum forever What's more, they must fight against subtle forces of compromise that threaten the very foundation of their mission - a rising tide of doubt concerning the plain teachings of God's Word

*The plot of this adventure is a "standalone" story and does not follow in the sequence of the Jonathan Park Adventures

Science Topics
  • Genetic Variations and Adaptations
  • The Gap and Day Age Theory
  • The Creation Trilemma
  • Radioisotope Dating 
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • The Fall of Man
  • Sound Doctrine - Eph. 4:14-15
  • Theistic Evolution
  • God's Plan of Redemption - Matt 26:28

The Creation Museum Adventure Series Pack - Digital Download

The Creation Museum Adventure Series Pack

Digital Download


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