The Adventum Volume 5

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God had been preparing Joshua his entire life for this moment in history. With the charge to “be strong and courageous” fresh on his mind, and the LORD’s unfailing power behind him, Joshua is unstoppable!

Joshua boldly leads Israel across the Jordan and into the promise land. From the march around Jericho to the defeat of many hostile kings and nations, the LORD brings victory after victory to this faithful leader.

After the death of Joshua, God raises up judges who deliver Israel out of the hands of those who plunder them. Despite Israel’s continued rebellion, the LORD continues to work through Rahab, Ruth, and many other ordinary people to carry out His perfect plan of redemption

  • Approx. Playing Time: 4.5 Hours
  • 4-CD Pack Includes 4 Individual CDs

Customer Reviews

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Bible stories for the whole family!

As a family with all little kids, they all loved it! I love the stories as well! Looking forward to see how they do the minor, major prophets and revelation justice for the whole family! I almost enjoy these more since they are truth in scripture! Keep making more!

Love it all!

We love the Jonathan Park series and have learned so much from them!! The new Adventum series is equally as great! True to the Bible, and engaging! My kids listen to these any chance they get!

Hannah Zapletal
Adventum 5

Awesome CD picking up with Joshua crossing the Jordan River and entering the Promised Land. This series brings these beloved characters alive in a way that makes them real and personal. These were men and women who face similar challenges that we do. They weren’t just characters in stories from long long ago. They were people that trusted God and had amazing things happen for them. Others didn’t obey, and suffered terrible consequences. Real life!