The Adventum Volume 4


THE ADVENTUM is a brand-new, audio adventure epic from the producers of Jonathan Park – a gripping and immersive adaptation that retells the greatest stories of the Bible in an entirely new way!


Imagine what it would have been like to witness the passing ofthe torch from the legendary Moses to the younger, but faithful Joshua. Put yourself in Joshua’s shoes as he contemplated the heavyweight on Moses’ shoulders. On one side, he hears Korah and the Israelites complaining while Moses stays steadfast to lead them into the Promised Land. On the other side is God Himself – with a righteous anger toward a rebellious people.

Despite the intense burden of leading a massive crowd of grumbling Israelite's through the wilderness, both men knew they could completely trust God’s promise to Abraham – that He would always remain faithful to His chosen people. ..

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  • Produced to be enjoyed by the entire family

  • Approximately 4 hours of playing time

  • Immersive Studio Quality Sound

Customer Reviews

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INCREDIBLE! Must have for all families

INCREDIBLE! Must have for all families

Ryan Hamilton
Great learning!

Great learning! My children Love Love JP series! Will continue to buy. We have extras just in case they ever mess up!

Emily Boatner
Adventum Volume 4

We’re loving the Adventum series!

Theresa Wilkinson
The Adventum Series 1-4

I don't know where to begin, this is a must for every family, young or old. They did an amazing job of not only telling the stories accurately but in such a way that you connect to the people and events taking place. This gives a great understanding of how the people think and act, realizing that they are no different than we are today. Truly heightens your awareness of the heart of God and the big picture of what life is all about. I can only hope that there will be more volumes to come. In the meantime we will continue to listen over and over again and share with as many as we can.


Amazing retelling of timeless Bible stories! Our kids could not stop listening! Such an awesome resource!