The Adventum Volume 1


THE ADVENTUM is a brand-new, audio adventure epic from the producers of Jonathan Park – a gripping and immersive adaptation that retells the greatest stories of the Bible in an entirely new way!


Deeply immerse yourself in God’s story of redemption from the very first moment that God spoke the universe into existence. Feel the sheer delight of Adam walking with his Creator in the Garden. Begin to grasp the first couple’s emotional pain of spiritual separation after the fall. Experience the mixed emotions of Noah and his family when God supernaturally shut the Ark door. Imagine Abraham’s euphoric relief when God provided a ram to be sacrificed in place of Isaac. 

Witness the stage being set for the entire Bible as each captivating story of Genesis unfolds!

Listen to a Sample:


  • Produced to be enjoyed by the entire family

  • Approximately 4 hours of playing time

  • Immersive Studio Quality Sound

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

Wonderful material

Lacee Campbell

An Interesting way of bringing the Bible to life!

Kecia Haylor

I liked it. My grandsons listened to it and were interest and asked questions. There were a couple of statement that would have preferred to be closer to the narrative of scripture but over all it is a great way to get kids & parents more familiar with the Old Testament. :)


My boys enjoy the series and have loved listening to this when they are doing things in their room. The serpent in the Adam and Eve was a little scary for my 7 year old but the first time we listened was at night. Over all very pleased. They have grown up on another audio series and I wanted to find an additional avenues. Im waiting to give the Jonathan park for Christmas but the Bible series has been a great listen so far! Thank you for promoting good biblical accurate stories.

Ruth Christenson
Realistic and moving

I was very blessed by the authenticity of the audio story of the beginning of Genesis. The reality of sin and its consequences was heartbreaking. What a reminder to obey the God who created us and who loves us.