Strong and Courageous

After the team is falsely accused of burning down a Kanamari village and chased out of the Amazon by tribesmen, they fly to Athens to help Dr. Brady with his “No Other Gods” documentary As they’re walking in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul’s journey on Mars Hill, they get roped into a reenactment of his bold Gospel presentation to the Athenians Things are going smoothly, but little do they know that Dr Brady’s nemesis, Dr Darius Kliner, is behind the scenes working on a nefarious plot Kliner and his henchman  are determined to do whatever it takes to sabotage Dr Brady’s project

Science Topics
  • The alter to the “unknown God”
  • The flawed philosophy of the Epicureans
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • There is only one God and Lord of Heaven (Acts 17:23-24)
  • We have assurance by the resurrection of Jesus Christ (Acts 17:31)

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Customer Reviews

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Micah Berry, if you buy the dvd's, you can use windows media player to convert to digital on your computer, allowing you to listen anytime and anywhere.

Rebelde H

I absolutely love it! I've always liked audios, but I especially like audios that have Adventure and Suspense in them. And the music is amazing as always.
Keep up the great work!

Micah Berry
Bad unlimited services

It's been three days since this story came out, but I still don't have access to it. Unlimited promises instant access to every story that comes out, but as I said it's been three days!!!