Standoffs, Storms, and Stowaways

In Stelle’s quest to find her parents, she continues to follow a series of cryptic clues leading to several passages in the New Testament. Moments later she finds herself in a desert at night WHAT’S GONG ON??!! A bright star leads her to an ancient city that sets the stage for a soul-stirring experience of a lifetime

Stelle gets her bearings and reunites with the team After many hours of searching through a memory card, a popular nursery rhyme reveals a mysterious clue that leads to a huge breakthrough! Everything points to the North Pole, so with very limited time, the team embarks on a chilling Arctic Adventure and makes a last-ditch effort to rescue Stelle’s parents

Science Topics
  • Scintillation (light diffracting through the earth’s atmosphere)
  • Composition of stars
  • Fun facts about God’s design of polar bears
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)
  • The Kingdom of God (Mark 10)
  • The power of effective, fervent prayer (James 5:16)

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Standoffs, Storms, and Stowaways

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Standoffs, Storms, and Stowaways

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hannah Williams

This one is definitely different from the other ones, but I really like it!! I love listening to JP!! These are great!! I really like the part about Stelle’s dream.

Jordan Grunwald

I have all the Jonathan Parks and they are very wall produced . This newer series is not always realistic (I like realistic ) .We realy enjoy the science and Bible teaching . Thanks for the Hard work!!

Micah Berry
Standoffs, Storms, and stowaways

I have listened to all of the JP episodes and I love them. I remember when I was younger my Mom gave me "the adventure begins" episode 1. after listening to it, I LOVED it! then my parents gave me a whole WEBSITE of stories! aka when I heard there were NEW stories, I practically flipped. I like this one, but the beginning was just weird. and part one of the story didn't even have Jonathan in it! it was focusing on Stelle, (a character who I don't like) basically the whole time! and at the end when Jonathan, Kendle and Isaac and Jessy got shot, well, that was the worst JP cliffhanger EVER! And Stelle is WAY too emotional.