Pursuit of Destiny

Following two back-to-back, groundbreaking expeditions in Egypt, and some sage advice from a trusted friend, Jonathan and the gang decide it’s time to return to America. But the adventures come to a screeching halt when Jonathan finds himself behind a hot, greasy grill at Billy Bob’s Bodacious Burgers He had accepted an old friend’s recent challenge to seek the Lord and be open to His leading; but flipping burgers in Abiquiu… really!? Little does Jonathan know that God is about to change his destiny – BIG TIME!

Science Topics
  • Inversion Layer Characteristics 
  • 350+ prophecies fulfilled by Jesus
  • Intelligent Design 
  • The Authority of the Biblical Canon
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • Always be Ready to Give a Defense (1 Peter 3:15)  
  • Sharing the “Romans Road” 
  • God’s Grace is Made Perfect in Weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9)
  • God's Sovereignty (Job 42:2)

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Pursuit of Destiny

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How do you respond to life’s curveballs? What should you do when God takes you out of your comfort zone and tests your faith?

Learn about the importance of acknowledging God in every circumstance, regardless of whether it seems to make sense. Discover how Jonathan’s faith is tested as he finds himself in a seemingly mundane season of life. What is his purpose? Why is he in this situation? See how God begins to work in Jonathan’s heart through a sudden and totally unexpected turn of events. Experience life-changing faith lessons as the ordinary quickly turns into the extraordinary!

This action-packed Series will challenge your entire family to look beyond their personal journeys and see God’s grand adventure! Develop a greater appreciation for how He uses even the smallest things to carry out His master plan!

Customer Reviews

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Pursuit of Destiny series

I am disappointed that each CD spends at least 5 minutes reviewing the previous CD. It makes the story very short and does not give valuable listening time for the cost of the cd’s. Also, I don’t feel it’s necessary on every CD to introduce the cast. Again wasting listening time

Number 12

My kids really enjoyed this!


Pursuit of Destiny

Series 11- 13

Our family enjoyed these very much!



It's a Christmas present, so I have no comment! I assume they will be as well received, as always.