Original Adventure Collection

36 Albums / 9 Series / 108 Episodes / Nearly 50 Hours

Just $22.22 Per Series Pack

Join Jonathan Park in the Original Adventures as he and his family and friends traverse the globe searching for evidence for a Creator and His fingerprints on Creation!

The Jonathan Park Original Adventure Collection includes all 9 series of the Original Adventures! This special collection includes 9 series packs - comprised of 36 single-CDs!

Series Packs Included:   

Series 1: The Adventure Begins
Series 2: No Looking Back
Series 3: The Winds of Change
Series 4: The Hunt for Beowulf
Series 5: The Explorer’s Society
Series 6: The Journey Never Taken
Series 7: The Voyage Beyond
Series 8: The Copper Scroll
Series 9: The Whispering Sphinx


Customer Reviews

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I recieved them all

This is a gift to be given in 2 months to an then 8 year old granddaughter. I can hardly wait to see her joy.

Wonderful stories

These are great stories that pack a bunch of truths that the listeners need to hear! No matter what age!😉

Set of CDs

My friend enjoyed your CDs when her children were younger- I have adopted 3- they are 4,6, and 8- we have purchased Adventum- and I purchased the set to start them listening-

Haven’t received yet??

I was wondering when it would arrive....

Amazing resources!

Our two daughters, 9 and 4, both love these adventures! Our eldest is learning so much and we have great conversations around the topics in the episodes. Our younger daughter loves the stories and asks to fall asleep to them every night. Both girls love them equally as much and we know that they're getting fantastic, quality entertainment that works for both of them and they will enjoy for years to come. They are absolutely amazing - can't recommend highly enough! :) Thanks to the whole team at Jonathan Park for all you do to put such great, Biblical resources out there for families. You're a true blessing!