Original Adventure Collection

36 Albums / 9 Series / 108 Episodes / Nearly 50 Hours

Just $18.88 Per Series Pack

Join Jonathan Park in the Original Adventures as he and his family and friends traverse the globe searching for evidence for a Creator and His fingerprints on Creation!

The Jonathan Park Original Adventure Collection includes all 9 series of the Original Adventures! This special collection includes 9 series packs - comprised of 36 single-CDs!

Series Packs Included:   

Series 1: The Adventure Begins
Series 2: No Looking Back
Series 3: The Winds of Change
Series 4: The Hunt for Beowulf
Series 5: The Explorer’s Society
Series 6: The Journey Never Taken
Series 7: The Voyage Beyond
Series 8: The Copper Scroll
Series 9: The Whispering Sphinx


Customer Reviews

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Faith Biulding

I am a diehard of sorts when it comes to the first 9 series. I did like some things about the Creation Museum Adventure as well.
My older sister introduced me to them when l was younger, and now I am listening through them with our youngest sister. she is Loving them!
Don't be Too critical of the fact that the families are constantly running into (sometimes very unrealistic) perilous situations to keep things interesting.
I always found them to be very informative and encouraging. The scientific evidence presented is fascinating, and I would recommend
them to anyone who enjoys soaking up facts and perspectives about the natural world and biblical concepts. It's easy to absorb the teaching that is
woven throughout each story. I really love the soundtracks as well.
They Are meant to be family friendly, but some of the 'bad guys' tend to get reckless, so be wary with your little listeners.
I was disappointed in some of the concepts and story lines of the later adventures, so I haven't listened to the newest ones.
My order came right on time and in perfect condition!

Soryn Setzer
A solid investment for the family!

I so appreciate all the time and research that must have gone into making all these episodes. They do a great job presenting both sides of the spectrum of creation and provide helpful insights when dialoguing with someone who sides with the evolutionary theory. My only caution is that they are a little more intense for younger kids, so being mindful of your audience and what your kids can emotionally handle.

shakindra Wallitner

Original Adventure Collection

Chris Faulk
GREAT audio series!

What an amazing audio series, my step-son loves video games as do many kids these days. But he thoroughly enjoyed this series and has asked us for more. We will definitely buy the rest of the collection.

Also, if you've never been to the Creation Museum...just make the trip and thank me later.

Children Roth
Love. Love. Love.

We absolutely love these adventures! We love the adventures AND we love the scientific study of creation woven throughout the stories. I wish there was a resource available to make it easier to dive deeper