Legend Unleashed

Jonathan and the gang are in-route to the Amazon Rainforest after they hear shocking reports of a huge beast terrorizing the indigenous people! Kendall is blown away by the jaw-dropping report and agrees to quickly rally the team for an in-person investigation! If this creature is really what it appears to be, this could be the discovery of the millennium!!

Science Topics
  • Jungles, rainforests, and Amazon wildlife
  • Complex and integrated ecological system
  • Camarasauruses, Sauropods
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • God rewards those who seek Him diligently (Hebrews 11:6)
  • The fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22)
  • Nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:38)

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Legend Unleashed

4-CD Series Pack

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Wise King Media Audio · Jonathan Park: Legend Unleashed, Series 16 - Teaser Trailer

Does your family understand the importance of abiding in Christ and seeking God in all things?

Learn about the significance of bringing all matters to God in prayer before pursuing anything, and how He is faithful to lead and direct us through all of life’s decisions – big and small.

This action-packed Series is a fun way to learn about dinosaurs, the amazing animals of the Amazon, our Creator’s remarkable interdependent ecosystems – all while understanding the blessings of walking closely with God as He directs our steps.

Customer Reviews

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We love it!



First of all, I am a TOTAL Jonathan Park fan!! I’ve been listening to these adventure series for so long and still love them!
I’ve been wanting y’all to make one that was based in the Amazon and you did!! I love it! I like that it has more science facts in it than the last few have. PLEASE KEEP GOING!!!!!


This, is the best. I can't believe there are DINOSAURS in this! I love the Creation message, but where's the rest of the CRT? Eddie, Mike, Thad and Timmy are all missing! And what about Miles Morgan? Besides that, I thought it was GREAT! I'm glad Jessie isn't all wimpy like she was in the first new episodes. I thought the whole Pursie Faucet thing was really interesting. It's actually what gave me the idea to write my book, "Ben Pulvello: Secret of the Amazon". Anyway, PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!!

Great adventure!

We all enjoyed another great audio adventure with Jonathon and family and friends! These audio adventures help to pass the long hours on road trips, and we are learning great truths to keep us grounded in God’s Word! Thanks for researching the science and putting it into a fun adventure that lay people and kids can understand and that brings glory to God!! Lord bless!

Loved...but a bit disappointed

I loved the Jonathan/Stelle fun in the previous album, and was disappointed that it was no continued. I'm sure there haven't been many comments on this, but the reason I (and all my friends) loved album 15 was because of Jonathan and Stelle. Please continue this. Other than that, I loved the album.