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Here's what the Field Experts are Saying...

Jonathan Park Review - Cade I like Jonathan Park because it shows how much science fits with the Bible. In this series there is adventure and mysteries and I love how much they refer to the bible in everything they do. Jonathan Park has showed me how amazing our creator is, and I quote from Mr. Park," There is not a square inch on this planet that does not show evidence for a creator.

Cade - Age 12

Jonathan Park Review - MarinaJonathan Parks adventures are really awesome. They are thrilling and exciting . I think everybody will enjoy listening to them.

Marina - Age 12

Jonathan Park Review - Aubrey I really love the mysteries! My imagination goes wild when I listen to the stories at night before I go to bed. I feel like I'm right there with them!

Aubrey - Age 10

Jonathan Park Review - Noah The adventures of Jonathan Park are really exciting. And I love learning really cool stuff like what fossils are.

Noah, Age 9

Jonathan Park Review - Thad I like JP because it has a Christian world view and teaches Biblical science. I have been listening since I was young.

Thad - Age 12

Jonathan Park Review - Foley FamilyThank you for making a product that teaches while using the imagination of the kids. We appreciate the mystery and adventure of the stories and showing how to stand firm for God with respecting others who disagree with them. It reminds us that our battle is not with humans but in the spiritual realm.

Foley Family