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We hope that you enjoy your exciting journey into the world of Jonathan Park, based on real places and discoveries!

Learn About Creation
Learn About Creation

Here you will find fascinating home-school lessons, games, and articles documenting the wonder of God's glorious creation!

Real Adventures
Real Adventures

Don't just listen to the adventures, join in on the fun! Learn how you and your family can go on exciting adventures of your own!

Radio Station Map
Radio Station Map

Interested in finding a station near you that is airing Jonathan Park? View the station map to see who's playing Jonathan Park!

Games and Multimedia
Games and Multimedia

Here you will be able to play fun games, download desktop wallpaper, and listen to clips from your favorite episodes.

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Long Road Home

Jessie is filled with excitement when Bonnie gives her “Dusty,” the tan Appaloosa. But when Bonnie, Jessie, Martha, and Katie take the one thousand-mile, all-girls’ road trip to get the horse back home, everything seems to go wrong!

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Radio Station Map

Interested in finding a station near you that is airing Jonathan Park? View the station map to see who’s playing Jonathan Park!

Response Team Members

Join the Creation Response Team and go behind the scenes of Jonathan Park. Meet the cast, listen to deleted scenes, and view studio images at the creation of this internationally-broadcast creation radio drama. Take a peek at the creation of Jonathan Park Adventures.

Jonathan Park News!

Join the Jonathan Park Creation Response Team! Sign up for Jonathan Park news, updates, and special offers.

Jonathan Park Goes to the...

Join Dr. Kendall and Jonathan Park as they travel to the Galápagos Islands “Ground Zero” of evolutionism. Take the the Parks along as you travel to your local zoo to explore wonders of the animal kingdom or the regional aquarium to learn about wonders of the underwater world!

Keep the Adventure Alive

Support Jonathan Park, and get special perks — including an opportunity for a cameo on the show! Read more...

The Return to Iwo Jima Adventure

In “Jonathan and the Return to Iwo Jima,” Jonathan, Kendall, and Jim travel to this old WWII battleground and learn the stories of the men who fought for our freedom. Now it’s your turn to hear about the great moments in the history of your family. Click here to get started.

Radio Broadcasters

This section is reserved for radio stations only.

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