No Looking Back Series Pack


Includes All 4 Thrilling Albums of the 2nd Adventure!

Bonus Items Include: "Looking Back" Defender Coin ($10 value) and Paracord Activity Kit (electric blue)

The Park and Brenan families continue to build their creation science museum in the face of great opposition and continuous obstacles in their path. They must solve mysteries and combat hostile adversaries, kidnappers, and arsonists, while keeping their focus sharp in order to complete the dream of a museum dedicated to science from a biblical worldview Will their plans become a reality, or will they be brought down by those who want to forever keep the message of the Creator in the dark?

Science Topics
  • God's Design in Nature
  • The Laws of Energy
  • The Design of Sound
  • Animals by Design
Faith-Building Takeaways
  • God's Handiwork - Psalm 19:1 
  • Returning Good for Evil - 1 Peter 3:3-9
  • Dealing with Fear - John 14:27

No Looking Back Series Pack

4-Disc Series Pack ISBN: 1944892364


  • Includes All 4 Albums of the Series
  • Over 5 Hours of Audio Adventure
  • Bonus Item #1 - Defender Coin
  • Bonus Item #2 - Paracord Activity Kit
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No Looking Back Series Pack - Digital Download

No Looking Back Series Pack

Digital Download


  • Includes Digital File with All 4 Albums of the Series
  • Instantly Available Download
  • Compatible with Android and IOS Devices*
What's included in the Series Pack
All 4 Albums of the No Looking Back Series
( over 5 hours of Audio Adventure )
Plus. Bonus Items include
( 4-disc series pack only )
No Looking Back Defender Coin
  • Collect the 2nd coin in the Creation Collection
  • Each coin helps remind your kids to always be ready to give a defense for the hope that is in them

Paracord Activity Kit
  • Give you kids an adventurous activity to work on while listening to Jonathan Park
  • The paracord can be used for tons of everyday situations like rigging-up a play fort, a makeshift fishing line, or as a fun lanyard or bracelet
  • Our activity kits come with a buckle and online instructions on how to make your own bracelet

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