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Jonathan Park Needs Your Generous Financial Support

Dear Friends of the Jonathan Park Adventure Series:

Jonathan Park and the rest of the Creation Response Team are headed for a journey they’ve never attempted before: into the exciting world of Ancient Egypt. With help from friends like yourself, boys, girls, and families around the world will travel to some of the most intriguing sites from antiquity!

Many of you helped Jonathan Park explore ancient Bible manuscripts and archeological dig-sites from Israel’s early history in The Copper Scroll. But now is the time for another amazing journey — into the world of the Pharaohs and pyramids in The Whispering Sphinx!

This is our chance to partner together as we show how Egyptian archeology is in harmony with the Scriptures and see the actual archeological sites that bring the real accounts of the Bible to life.

Album #9: The Whispering Sphinx

In our last album, Jonathan, Kendall, and their faithful guide, Akiva, investigated some of the most important archeological sites in Israel. Now the team will head southeast to investigate the archeology of another ancient culture — Egypt — as they confront the arguments made by the critics that say Egypt presents a challenge to those who trust in God’s Word.

Many scholars have claimed that Egyptian history disproves the chronology of the Bible. In The Whispering Sphinx, Jonathan Park and the Creation Response Team will follow the journal of Dr. Howard as it sends them on a journey to the great pyramids of Giza, archeological discoveries along the great Nile, and a puzzling artifact found underneath the Sphinx — all somehow tied to a bigger plot for a new dictator who is fighting for control of the country!

As they investigate the mysteries of Egypt, they will discover that Egyptian archeology is actually in harmony with the biblical accounts of the Old Testament. Through this new series, our hope is to equip children and their families to form a biblical view of world history.

The adventure is waiting — won’t you help others to begin the journey?

“Not only have we learned more about creation and evolution, our children have also learned ... valuable biblical lessons”

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