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Darwin, here we come! Take an exciting investigative journey with Jonathan and Dr. Kendall Park as they go to “ground zero” of evolutionism — the Galápagos Islands.

Meet the amazing salt-sneezing marine iguana, the dive-bombing Blue-footed booby, and giant tortoises that live to be more than 150 years old. Engage with the flightless cormorant, a bird that has lost its ability to fly and developed the ability to fish under water. Join Jonathan and his father as they trek into volcanic craters, scuba-dive among sharks, and examine many of the great mysteries of the Galápagos, including this perplexing question: Why do the animals appear to have no fear of man? Learn the truth as the Parks analyze the Galápagos creatures and show how Darwin’s conclusions were wrong.

Sample Audio Clips

Index of Episodes

  • Galapagos: Ground Zero for Evolution
  • Early Explorers to the Galapagos
  • How Did the Galapagos Get its Name?
  • The Voyage of the Beagle
  • What Was Darwin’s Dilemma?
  • How Did the Animals Get There?
  • Mysterious Animals That Don’t Fear Man
  • Dragon of the Galapagos: The Land Iguana
  • The True Story of Darwin’s Finches
  • Was Darwin a Good Naturalist?
  • An Amazing Report from Daphne Major
  • The Predatory Frigate
  • The Mysterious Sand Balls of the Galapagos
  • Flamingos Of The Galapagos
  • The Galapagos Sea Lion
  • The Candelabra Cactus and Its Cousins
  • “A Land Before Time” Created After the Flood
  • How Compromise Confused Darwin
  • The Angel of the Ocean: The Galapagos Sea Turtle
  • The Oystercatcher
  • The Agile Sally Lightfoot Crab
  • At The Earth’s Equator
  • The Great Gathering of Galapagos Whales
  • The Story of Lonesome George
  • The Little Bird With a Big Bite: The Vampire Finch
  • The Nazca Booby
  • The Lovable Fur Seal Pup
  • Why is the Flightless Cormorant Flightless?
  • Dive Bombing Birds of the Galapagos
  • Pirates of the Galapagos
  • What Makes the Blue Booted Booby Blue Footed?
  • The Galapagos Penguin
  • Fernandina Island the Black Lava Island
  • The Secret of the Marine Iguana (underwater reptile)
  • Why Do Marine Iguanas Spit Salt?
  • The King of the Islands: The Galapagos Hawk
  • The Lava Lizard: Mutualism at Work
  • How Were the Islands Formed?
  • The Everpresent Pelican
  • Testimony to Creation: The Galapagos Daisy
  • The Long Journey of the Lava Heron
  • The Advice of Captain Fitzroy
  • The Waved Albatross
  • Darwin’s Mockingbirds
  • The Amazing Mangrove Gardens
  • The Sharks of Darwin Bay
  • In the Land of the Giant Tortoise
  • The Great 19th Century Tortoise Depopulation
  • At the Darwin Research Center
  • The Great Debate of 1860
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