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In Jonathan Park and The Voyage Beyond, Jonathan and the Creation Response Team meet an eccentric philanthropist-explorer named Alexander DeMarcus. Mr. DeMarcus appears to have a passion for marine life, exploring the ocean depths with his experimental electromagnetic submarine, The Manta. At first the CRT joins forces with Mr. DeMarcus, excited to learn more about God’s amazing creatures beneath the sea. But the team soon realizes that this mysterious explorer has something even bigger in mind. Discover his incredible secret in Jonathan Park and the Voyage Beyond!

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73-74. The Creature of Cape Cod: Parts I & II

75-76. Journey to a Thousand Fathoms: Parts I & II

77-78. Recesses of the Deep: Parts I & II

79-80. The Race for Space: Parts I & II

81-82. Preparing for Flight: Parts I & II

83-84. Pilgrimage of the Speedwell: Parts I & II

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