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After discovering a massive dinosaur graveyard that shows evidence for a worldwide flood, these two families combine forces as they plan to build a new museum, open the fossil discovery, and the hidden cave to spread the message of the Creator! Click here to get started.

The Park and Brenan families are committed to opening Brenan Ranch to the public as they teach scientific evidence that is in harmony with the Bible. But will they be able to stand against the opposition, or will their efforts be thwarted? Click here to get started.

The Park and Brenan families have opened one of the largest creation outreaches in the world, and yet they can’t help but feel as if the Lord is calling them to more. In a series of exciting adventures, the two families are thrust into the need for a special response effort — one that will fight for the message of the Creator! Click here to get started.

In The Hunt for Beowulf, a professional artifacts thief known as the Jaguar has stolen the original Beowulf manuscript from the British Library. Now the Creation Response Team is on a mission to get it back as they travel to many places including England, Iwo Jima, the interior jungles of the Yucatán Peninsula, and the Galápagos Islands! Click here to get started.

The Creation Response Team has been challenged to a “Battle of the Worldviews” on national TV. Their competition is the Explorer’s Society, a group of evolutionary scientists who have become famous for their cutting-edge scientific discoveries. Join these two teams as they contend against one another at Niagara Falls, the Canadian wilderness, Mount St. Helens, the freezing Arctic of Ellesmere Island, the depths of the sea, and a German dinosaur graveyard! Click here to get started.

In The Journey Never Taken, the Polar Star Medallion mysteriously shows up at the Brenan Museum of Creation, quickly throwing the Creation Response Team into a scavenger hunt the world will never forget. “Live the adventure” with Jonathan and the Creation Response Team as cryptic clues send the team to Sweden, Scotland, and beyond in search of a promised treasure. Along the way, uncover the true history of Charles Darwin and his colleagues and learn how these men helped perpetuate the myth of a universe created without a Creator. Click here to get started.

In The Voyage Beyond, Jonathan and the Creation Response Team meet an eccentric philanthropist-explorer named Alexander DeMarcus. Mr. DeMarcus appears to have a passion for marine life, exploring the ocean depths with his experimental electromagnetic submarine, The Manta. At first the CRT joins forces with Mr. DeMarcus, excited to learn more about God’s amazing creatures beneath the sea. But the team soon realizes that this mysterious explorer has something even bigger in mind. Discover his incredible secret in Jonathan Park and the Voyage Beyond! Click here to get started.

A real artifact discovered in the caves alongside the Dead Sea Scrolls seems to contain the locations of more than sixty ancient treasures. Jonathan, Kendall, Jim, and Jessie are joined by archeologist, Ian Dawson, and their faithful guide, Akiva as they uncover the trail to this real-life mystery which has stumped archeologists for more than fifty years. Follow the team as they get closer to the treasure and face opposition on every side — even ... Myles Morgan! Join an archeological expedition that will uncover ancient artifacts left behind by the events of the Bible, in Jonathan Park and The Copper Scroll! Click here to get started

Egypt is in political turmoil. On the verge of presidential elections, a mysterious tablet is found with a prophecy about the coming leader and his lineage to Pharaoh Ramses II. That’s when the statue of the Great Sphinx begins to mysteriously “speak,” confirming the message of the tablet. Meanwhile, the Creation Response Team has learned that the research of Egyptian Chronologist Dr. Howard will shake the foundations of modern archeology. How does it all relate? Join Jonathan Park and the CRT as they race to the aid of a nation and unlock the mysteries of Egypt’s past and present in Jonathan Park and the Whispering Sphinx. Click here to get started


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