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Vol VI: The Journey Never Taken

Come visit the exciting world of Jonathan Park! For years, the Jonathan Park Creation Adventure series has been equipping parents and children to defend biblical creation and against the lies of evolution. Now, at the start of a new year, there has never been a better time to begin the adventure with your own family.

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Life is “business as usual” for the Creation Response Team, when a mysterious artifact arrives at the Brenan Museum of Creation. The Polar Star Medallion was originally awarded to Carl Linnaeus by the country of Sweden for his scientific discoveries. Why has it been sent to the CRT? Where has it been all these years? The medallion is accompanied by a cryptic clue that will lead the team on an exciting scavenger hunt through Sweden, England, France, Scotland, and the Czech Republic. And the exciting journey promises a priceless treasure.

The CRT finds clues hidden in the cleverest places — in the old writings of scientists from the past, in precious jewels, eerie graveyards, sunken ships, and so many more. Each twist and turn of their expedition is a journey through time. The clues seem to be designed to trace the lives of those scientists who either accepted the Creator, or rejected Him — each one making a major contribution to the future of the world.

Motivated by the allure of treasure, two reporters see their chance to find the fortune before the CRT. So not only does our team find themselves in a struggle to solve mysteries — and sometimes fight for their very lives, but they must also beat-out their opposition to claim the prize.

Who’s behind the Polar Star Treasure Hunt? Join the CRT as they unravel the story behind the man — and his family — who hid the clues. As the plot unfolds, the CRT discovers a timeless tale of a father’s love for his son, and how a grandson learned to honor those who came before him.

Of course a treasure hunt of this magnitude can’t go unnoticed by the media. Soon the scavenger hunt’s being followed by newspaper reporters, TV producers, and many others. The world is watching the CRT along each step required by the hunt. Will it be worth the time and money? Find out why the clues have remained untouched for over a hundred and fifty years. Join the CRT on the journey never taken!


The Creation Response Team starts their journey at the Brenan Museum of Creation in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Click numeral for More information

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