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Creation Works presents Jonathan Park — an exciting radio drama guaranteed to give your listeners a unique listening experience. Hundreds of radio stations have already found Jonathan Park to be one of their most popular broadcasts because of its action-packed stories. It provides deep answers for Christian families plagued with tough questions concerning the creation/evolution debate.

Creation Works is committed to making action-packed stories, without compromising the powerful creation message — or production quality. Each episode is 25:55 long, with a replaceable :30 spot at 12:45.

Jonathan Park will grab your listeners' attention as it builds their faith! To begin the journey, please feel free to download the broadcast-quality MP3 files for auditioning or to begin using on your station!

Jonathan Park is also available via audio CDs and Amb-OS satellite delivery. For more information, please contact our radio representative:

Kathryn Mokan
Jonathan Park Radio Representative

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