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The Return to Iwo Jima Adventure

In “Jonathan and the Return to Iwo Jima,” Jonathan, Kendall, and Jim travel to this old WWII battleground and learn the stories of the men who fought for our freedom. Now it’s your turn to hear about the great moments in the history of your family.


To celebrate the Lord’s goodness to your family and past generations.


  • Before starting the adventure, think of a place nearby that has historical meaning to your family. It can be where you, your parents, or grandparents went to church, worked, went to school, or some other important place in your family’s history (if you live too far away from your family’s “roots”, just find a place that is special to you now).
  • Reserve a few hours on your calendar to take your family on a field trip to this special place. Announce it to the whole family so they can look forward to it.
  • Think through why this spot is special. Rehearse with your spouse the spiritual significance of that time. What was the Lord doing in your family’s history? What was He doing then that affects your family now? Get ready to answer questions!
  • Obtain a video camera or audio recorder that can be used by your children to interview you and your spouse.
  • On the way home from your outing, you may choose to stop at a restaurant to have lunch or dinner together. Pick a place that has significance to your family.


  1. Listen to Jonathan Park and the Return to Iwo Jima - Parts I-III*.
  2. Before leaving home, start your adventure together by spending time in a devotional as a family - click here.
  3. Next, take your family to the special location that you’ve chosen.
  4. Using the video camera or audio recorder, let the children interview you “on location”. Tell them the special stories of what happened at this spot. Let them ask questions, and weave in how the Lord used this special time in your family’s history.
  5. On the way home, stop at the restaurant. Let the interview continue. For suggestions of questions that your children can ask - click here.
  6. Long after your adventure is over, make times to sit down and watch/listen to the interviews! Share them with others in your family!

* You can purchase the CDs or cassettes from the Jonathan Park Web store. If you own the study guide, you may also spend time learning the scientific discoveries that support this adventure. Those study guides can also be downloaded free.

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