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The Darrow's Bluff Adventure

In “Jonathan Park and Darrow’s Bluff,” the Creation Response Team helped Bryan College save the annual Scopes Trial presentation. Now its time for your family to reenact a portion of the trial yourselves!


To learn about one of the most pivotal court cases in American history.


  • Set a date with your family in which you will spend a few hours reenacting a portion of the Scopes Trial.
  • Printout copies of the trial excerpt to reenact click here.
  • Read through the transcript and choose 4 members in your family to represent each of the roles (if you have more in your family, you may want to do it more than once and give other family members a chance to play different roles).
  • Learn about the Scopes Trial and the men behind it so you can answer your family’s questions. To read a good summary available from Bryan College, click here.
  • Plan how you will set-up you “stage” to look like a courtroom.
  • Decide if and how your “actors” will dress-up to play their roles.
  • Decide if you want to use props (ie gavel, Bibles, cameras for the reporters, hand-held fans because of the heat, etc).
  • Before doing your own reenactment, listen to Jonathan Park and Darrow’s Bluff* as a family to introduce them to the concept of the Scopes Trial.


  1. Have your family reenact the portion of the transcript. They don’t need to memorize their lines, just read it from the transcript. Make it as big or small of a production as your family will enjoy. You may want to capture the video for fun -- or invite family or friends to watch and participate.
  2. After the reenactment, explain the interaction between Bryan and Darrow and help them to understand what was happening during this portion of the trial. Talk about the overall impact of the Scopes Trial.
  3. End your time together with a devotional - click here.

* You can purchase the CDs or cassettes from the Jonathan Park Web store. If you own the study guide, you may also spend time learning the scientific discoveries that support this adventure. Those study guides can also be downloaded free.

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